Should I Finance or Lease?

Finance vs. Lease; Which is the Right Option for You

Here at Bill Hood Nissan in Hammond, LA we know that drivers love nothing more than getting behind the wheel of a new Nissan vehicle. And, while the search for the perfect car, truck, or SUV is fun we know that many of our customers don't know where to start with financing their purchase. New automobiles at our dealership are available for purchase or lease, both options offer several benefits for drivers, but the right decision depends on your situation. To help our customers decided whether a leasing or financing a new vehicle is right for them, we have put together the following research materials. Use the information below to assess your driving needs and if you need more help with leasing or financing reach out to the finance department at Bill Hood Nissan for assistance. Our finance experts will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect new Nissan lease or financing option for your life!


Pros and Cons of Leasing and Buying a Vehicle

Leasing Pros

  • Lower monthly payments with a low down payment or no down payment.
  • You can drive a more premium vehicle for less money.
  • A leased Nissan is protected by a factory warranty reducing your repair costs.
  • Simple vehicle transition and upgrade every two to three years.
  • You have a hassle-free exchange at the end of your lease.
  • You pay less sales tax.

Leasing Cons

  • At the end of the lease you don't own the vehicle, you do have the option to purchase it though.
  • Leases have mileage limits typically capped at 12,000 miles per year; you always have the option to purchase more.
  • Leasing can cost more long term than buying a car and keeping it for many years.
  • You can face excessive wear-and-tear charges for extensive damages.
  • Terminating a lease early can leave you with financial obligations

Buying Pros

  • You can freely modify your vehicle.
  • You can save money in the long run if you keep the vehicle for an extended period of time.
  • There is no yearly mileage limit
  • You can sell the vehicle whenever you'd like.
  • You can trade-in the current vehicle on the next car you buy.

Buying Cons

  • You have to pay a higher down payment to avoid being upside down on your loan.
  • Your monthly payment will be higher than lease payments.
  • You are responsible for all repairs outside of the warranty.
  • You can encounter trade-in or selling hassles.
  • You have more money tied up in a vehicle that depreciates.


Why Should I Lease at Bill Hood Nissan?

If you have been considering the option of leasing a new Nissan vehicle, then don't wait because there's no better time than now. At our dealership, we have a variety of new Nissan models available for lease. These models offer drivers a variety of capabilities including fuel efficiency, full-size power, and family versatility. Ask about available leasing specials throughout the year that can save you more money on your next Nissan vehicle!

When you're ready to find the perfect Nissan visit our Nissan auto experts here at our Hammond, LA dealership. Our team will help you explore the models that interest you and our finance team will help you explore the best financing or leasing options available to you.